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BTFTriMarkBronze   Combined btf te east 567x200

Our live tracking system is intended to track devices, such as club wristbands, during longer races and/or relays when it would be handy for clubmates and supporters to know where we are.

The entire system isn't fully up and running yet (it is a pet project of one of our members, so will take time), but it is now at least possible for us to install a small FREE app on our phones, and automatically show where we all are on a single map.


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Traccar Client
Traccar Client
traccar android   traccar iphone


  1. Ensure Service Status = Stopped
  2. Change Device Identifier to the name you want displayed on the map
    Please note that changing this after performing 5) below will not delete the old name off the map.
  3. Change Server URL to http://kltc.ddns.net:5055
  4. Change Frequency to how often you want to send location to system (300 = 5mins , 60=1min)
  5. Change Service Status to Service Started


  • You can control when you want to be tracked by simply changing the Service Status, and Android (don't know about iPhone) will warn you in notifications that it is running.
  • You may need to turn battery optimisation off for the traccar app, otherwise your phone may turn it off when it goes to sleep.
    For Android, this is normally under Battery->Battery Optimisation then change the traccar app to "No Optimisation".
    For Iphones, TBC
  • The system reports your location, speed, total distance and battery status by clicking on you name on the map.
  • This is an experimental system, and isn't finished yet so may stop without warning. Use FB to ask any questions or of you need any help to get it working.
  • The server address above will not exist after the weekend and all logs will be deleted, but please try and remember to turn traccar client off.