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KLTC Covid-19 Action Plan & Risk Assessments

KLTC began actively planning its Covid-19 reponse towards the end of May 2020, using current BTF, Swim England and UK Government as guidance in an attempt to pre-empt, and therefore fasttrack compliance, once the BTF allowed group training in large enough to be practical for us and our members. This page is live documentation of the club's current (and past) Risk Assessments (RAs), and any actions the club, its committee or Covid-19 Action team have taken during the current pandemic.

There is another page on this website that contains up to date advice and information for members here, or you can click the banner above (if still present).

Document Revision Release Date Comittee Approval  
 KLTC's General Covid-19 Risk Assessment  001 10/06/2020 15/06/2020

PDF 322020-05-10 KLTC Covid-19 Risk Assessment - Rev1.pdf

KLTC Covid-19 Action Plan Timeline

Date Description Actions
15/06/2020 Rev1 approved during club committee meeting over Zoom.
  • Add Rev1 to website and document
10/06/2020 Zoom meeting between Welfare Officer, Covid-19 Officer and Chair to discuss V1(draft2) and suggested updates from last meeting
  • Covid-19 Officer to produce V1(draft3) for team approval
  • Website to be updated gradually

Zoom meeting to discuss V1(draft2) of general Covid-19 RA.
Present: Chair, Vice-chair, Covid-19 Officer, Training Coordinator, Junior Rep
Appologies: Welfare Officer

  • Schedule Meeting with Welfare Officer to discuss V1(draft2).
  • Submit draft3 RA to committee for comment and/or approval asap.
  • Clarification require for standard of face covering during OW rescue.
  • Membership questionaire for Welfare Officer to identify who is shielding.
  • Website to be used to document action, and provide up to date advice on training.
  • Will accept electronics signatures on Covid-19 RA, using email approval method.

Chair proposes and Committee formally agrees, via KLTC committee private FB group, to co-opt club member Darren Elsdon on the the committee as club Covid-19 Officer due to his commercial Covid-19 H&S experience, with initial responsibilities to be in line with the SwimEngland guidance published the same day. Since the BTF and SE are working together on their action plan, it has been assumed the same advice come from them shortly too. SwimEngland's advice on this date is:

"The club must appoint a Covid-19 Officer (preferably a person with Health and Safety experience) who will be responsible for:

  • Oversight of the COVID-19 risk assessments and recording or storage of thes.
  • Ensuring the necessary level of risk mitigations are in place
  • Ensuring compliance with social distancing guidance.
  • Swimmers, staff and any partners or hosts adhere to this guidance.
  • Ensuring adherence to this guidance document.
  • Ensuring any facility used is following Government Guidelines."
31/05/2020  Informal Messenger group set up to plan an discuss a possible Club Covid-19 RA and action plan. V1(draft1)  sent to all for comment:
Chair, Vice-chair, Welfare, Training Coordinator, Junior Rep & Darren
  •  Darren to email V1(draft1) to all in chat for comment.

Chair asks club member Darren Elsdon if he could help put together a draft Covid-19 RA, in an attempt to better understand what may be required to resume group training as a club, and try to pre-empt BTF guidance so that the club will be able to resume group training as soon as practically possible once it becomes possible.

  •  Once an initial draft is available, include a few committee members for some initial comments, before asking committee to formalise te process.