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The BTF are updating clubs on a weekly basis, however we are not expect any significant changes until after the 4th July. We post regular updates to our Facebook pages, where we welcome questions about any of the guidance. The latest BTF guidance can be found at www.britishtriathlon.org/covid-19  


Latest Club Update

Appointment of Club Covid-19 Officer

In an attempt to allow the club to resume group training as soon as possible, Darren Elsdon has been appointed as our Covid-19 officer, a position we anticipate will be required for us to train safely as a club during the ongoing pandemic. His responsibility is to oversee our Covid-19 Risk Assessment(s) and provide guidance to the club based on his commercial Health & Safety experience. This process has already begun and we hope that, once the BTF permits large enough group sizes, we will be able to resume club training as soon as possible.



It is now possible to swim outdoors (socially distanced) in groups of up to six from different households. Whether or not you have access to facilities with another club membership, please do not swim alone and always follow current government guidance on social distancing. The BTF, Swim England and the Royal Life Saving Society are working together and have published guidance on safe swimming www.sh2out.org .Swim England have said they will be releasing an update on the 15th June for swim clubs and pools, which we hope will be significant for us and might even provide s.ome indication on when we might be able to return to the pool. which they are trying to have reopened on the 4th July.

As a BTF affiliated club, we are unable to provide any group training at this time. In addition, our agreement with the Sailing club means that we can only use the facilities if we provide appropriate safety cover and have insurance, so until the BTF allows clubs to offer group open water swimming, we are unable to use the Sailing Club. If you do want to swim and are looking for someone to swim with, you can use our facebook page to link up with others and you can borrow one of our tow-floats until we can get back to OWS ourselves by contacting one of the committee (especially Jess).