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Please enter information in the form below to process registration for event Junior Tri Training on 17-07-2021 11:00 am.

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Have you had confirmed Covid-19 infection or any symptoms in keeping with Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks? A list of symptoms is available by clicking our Covid-19 banner at the top of this page.
This is an individual call but awareness of risks and the appropriate precautions should be taken. We would advise taking extra care with social distancing.
Do you have any underlying medical conditions? (Examples include: chronic respiratory conditions including asthma; chronic heart, kidney, liver or neurological conditions; diabetes mellitus; a spleen or immune system condition; currently taking medicines that affect your immune system such as steroid tablets)
If you have an underlying medical condition that makes you more susceptible to poor outcomes with COVID-19 (including age >65) then you should consider the increased risk and may want to discuss this with you usual medical practitioner
Based on your answers and the information above, please only register if it is safe to do so within current government and BTF guidelines.

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