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Zoom/Zwift Turbo Session

Route: Check Facebook
Workout: Check Facebook
Zwift Lead: Mark Doughty [KLTC]
or Ali Doig [KLTC]

We have switched to virtual turbo sessions using a combination of Zwift (for the training session) and Zoom (for audio chat and for those without Zwift to play along). Please refer to the details below for instructions on using both zoom and zwift users during this session, but also everyone should ensure they have enough fluids for the session and a towel - a fan is also recommended for turbo sessions if you can.

IMPORTANT: WE RIDE THESE SESSION AS A GROUP MEETUP, please see instructions below to ensure you can join us.

 Example Session Plan:

Below is an example of a zwift workout, the actual workout will be announced on our Facebook page in the run up to the session but our coach will let you know before the session.

Day2 HIT 45sec1https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/less-than-an-hour-to-burn/jons-mix

Zwift users should target their own power targets, which will be based on their current FTP value.

For those without zwift, you will be talked through the session before we start but you can see a preview of the workout above, with notes on gears etc. FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is individual and is the power that someone can only just hold on to for 1hr. Equivalent to CSS in the water and runnning anaerobic threshold.

Zwift Users:
  • Annoyingly, MEETUPS ARE BY INVITE ONLY so make sure you are following the ride leader (see above for zwift name) before the session starts.
  • Start Zwift game, assume there will be an update, so allow plenty of time for pairing.
  • Log in to zoom session for audio chat and to let us know you are on your way.
  • You can choose whether to share your zwift screen, or webcam video - no nudity please.
  • Select the correct "World", do not select any route or workout yet.
  • Start Ride
  • You can have a little pootle to make sure everything is working but when stationary, there will be a blue button above the menu button to JOIN MEETUP. Click to be magically transported to the start of the route and join the others.
  • Click Menu and select training session (see above).
  • The workout will start once you start cycling, so wait to be told to start by session lead.
  • It is possible to join a meetup slightly late, However, you can also join the session leader to get straight to the action, but you won't be tethered to the group. Alternatively, select the correct route and workout (see above) and try to catch us up.


Zoom-only users:
  • Will use combination of gears and cadence.
  • Log in to session.
  • Zwift screen will be shared and you will be talked through the session as it progresses.
  • The left-hand side of the zwift screen shows an overview of the session.
example zwift 


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15-04-2021 7:15 pm Lynnsport Barn Free Unlimited
21-04-2021 7:15 pm Lynnsport Barn Free Unlimited
28-04-2021 7:15 pm Lynnsport Barn Free Unlimited
05-05-2021 7:15 pm Lynnsport Barn Free Unlimited
12-05-2021 7:15 pm Lynnsport Barn Free Unlimited
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