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Swim Training

We provide coached swim sessions all year round at St James Swimming Pool in King’s Lynn, and also open water swimming locally from April/May to Sept.

Pool Training (Restarts 17th May)
  Open Water Swimming (Restarts April)

Sessions cater for a range of abilities and vary accordingly the the race season. We are currently delivering a modified programme to comply with pool and BTF Covid-19 measures so the sessions are more back-to-basics than racing specific but we ask that you are at least capable of comfortably swimming 200m with minimal rest.


Our club offers one of the few opportunities in West Norfolk to practice your open water swimming in a safe club environment, for both adults and juniors, but we found it impossible to offer any sessions in 2020 due to a combination of Covid-19 restrictions. We have therefore teamed up up with Premier Waterski School (PWSS) for 2021

King's Lynn - Tuesday Evenings

  • Adults Only
  • 2 Lanes (currently max 5 per lane)
  • Day/Time: Every Tuesday Evening 2030 – 2130
  • Venue: St James Swimming Pool, King’s Lynn
  • Cost: £3 KLTC members, £5 non-members
  • Suitable

Pentney Lakes - Wed/Fri/Sat AM/PM

  • Adults & Juniors
  • All sessions run by PWSS
  • Regular club coaching sessions (awaiting BTF green-light)
  • Regular club races (subject to BTF restrictions)
  • KLTC members discount £3.50 (normally £5)
  • Season pass available
  • No need to pre-book
  • Online prepayment available for KLTC members (here).

What does in involve?

In King's Lynn we have 2 lanes. Both lanes follow a mixed structured session of technique and then a mix of endurance and or speed. Generally, Lane 1 is >2min/100s pace and Lane 2 is <2min/100s but our coaches write the session to minimise pacing frustrations and allocate lanes depending on the session and who is swimming.

Oct/Nov – Back to Basics, Drills and Skills. 
These coached sessions will purely focus on technique to help you improve your swim efficiency, ideal if your swim times have plateaued or you are new to front crawl swimming. Remember. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar – Developing good technique and swim fitness
These sessions starting to build stamina and endurance.

April/May/June – Reinforcing good technique
Continue building stamina and endurance as well as introducing race simulations.

If you don’t know your CSS time you can work it out by doing your own time test, or come along to one of our CSS timed sessions and check your progress. CSS Info click here

What will I need?

To aid Covid-19 compliance, we have reduced the amount of kit you need to bring to:

  • Pull Buoy
  • Drinks Bottle


Pleae arrive at the venue "swim-ready" and wearing a mask, using the hand sanitiser in reception before making your way to the spectator area where you will be welcomed by the coaches and briefed on the session. The sessions are designed to reduce the impact of not being allowed to overtake mid-lane but it can still get frustrating at times for everyone. After the session, we have to towel-dry poolside, pull on some dry clothes over our swimwear and exit the pool directly. There are no changing facilities available at present and no nudity is allowed poolside.

Booking is essential and is via out website. A link to this week's session is available on the home page, or by looking at the calendar here.


What is different this year?

To ensure our members can have a safe environment to swim even if BTF and Government restrictions mean the club is unable to coach OWS, as happened last year, we have worked with PWSS to gain access to the lake even without us. While this is a significant loss in revenue for us, we really don't want to risk a repeat of last year and felt this was the best option for our members.

PWSS are offering swimmers use of the lake at certain times and days through the week, where you can just turn up and swim (so long as you abide by their rules of course) and our club members are offered a big discount. Club coached sessions will (hopefully) resume at some point and will run at the same time as the PWSS session, so members can still opt to just swim if they want.

In another exciting development, we are hoping to organise regular club races to mix things up a bit. Details of these will be available on our events pages. We have also asked if the swim sessions can be timed to coincide with Kelly's PT sessions, giving the possibility of doing an hour of S&C followed by a cool down in the lake.

It is unclear what changing/shower facilities will be available due to the current pandemic but will update this info as the season changes.

What will I need?

You will need the following items to take part in our open water session:

  • Wetsuit optional but highly recommended before July.
  • Goggles
  • Swim hat – as brightly coloured as possible.
  • Towel
  • Chillswim – the club does have some you can borrow
  • The correct fee if paying on the day.

You must also sign the clubs disclaimer. Without this you will not be able to swim. You can find the disclaimer here

What is is like to swim at Pentney?

Pentney is a relatively shallow spring-fed lake and warms quicker than other lakes and rivers through the season. It can become weedy in places towards the end of the summer but the lake has been dyed already and we have it is and it is possible to stand up and rest in places, making it great for introducing adults and juniors to OWS.

A single lap of the lake is normally 650m, but there are options for shorter and longer laps all within sight of the school.

I’ve heard open water swimming is dangerous

Open Water Swimming can be dangerous if done badly, but don’t let that put you off. Most people love the freedom of swimming outdoors, but equally some prefer the pool and you won't really know how you feel about it until you give it a go.

PWSS adopted our own swim guideline when they last operated their swim sessions, including safety crew on the water and an insistance on swimmers wearing tow float, however if you are new or nervous about open water swimming then you can book yourself in to one of our special coached sessions with extra kayak support and support. Our coaches sessions will be covered by our own insurance and are subject to our own disclaimer, available here.

The golden rule of OWS is to NEVER swim alone, even if you have a tow-float to hold on to. You can have a look at our event pages to see who has prepaid to swim which session, or ask on our public FB page www.facebook.com/groups/kltri for a swim buddy - it takes very little encouragement for our members to swim.

I’m new to open water swimming – can I swim?

The normal sessions are being run under PWSS rules, but as a club we would normally ask that you be able to confidently swim at least 750m in a pool and have a certain level of fitness, but we can safely accommodate less experienced swimmers at our special coached sessions if we know in advance.

Triathlon has swims ranging from 250m to several miles and we cater for all those.

I’m not a member – can I swim?


You will need to complete PWSS's registration and comply with their rules but other than that, you will pay more than KLTC members.
There is no need to let us know you are turning up to swim, but it is always great to know who else is going to be playing so don't be afraid to post on our public FB page.