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Swim Training

We provide coached swim sessions all year round at St James Swimming Pool in King’s Lynn, and also open water swimming locally from May to Sept.


Pool Training   Open Water Swimming (restarts May 2021)

Sessions cater for a range of abilities and vary accordingly the the time of year. We are currently delivering our winter training programme, details below


The club offers one of the few opportunities in Norfolk to practice your open water swimming in a safe club environment.

King's Lynn - Wednesday Mornings

  • Adults Only (currently max 5 per lane)
  • Day/Time: Every Tuesday Evening 2030 – 2130
  • Venue: St James Swimming Pool, King’s Lynn
  • Cost: £3 KLTC members, £5 non-members

Bircham Newton - CANCELLED

  • Adults Only (max 6 people per lane)
  • Day/Time: Every Friday Evening 18:00 - 19:00
  • Venue: Bircham Newton Swimming Pool (CITB)
  • Cost: £3 KLTC members, £5 non-members
  • Adults & Juniors
  • Day/Time: TBC
  • Venue:TBC
  • Cost: £3 KLTC members, £5 non-members

What does in involve?

The following provides a general overview of how our training changes throughout the year.

In King's Lynn we have 2 lanes. Both lanes follow a mixed structured session of technique and then a mix of endurance and or speed.

In Bircham we have 4 lanes and can offer pure technique as well as endurance training. In addition we have 1 lane purely for our Junior members.

Oct/Nov – Back to Basics, Drills and Skills.  

These coached sessions will purely focus on technique to help you improve your swim efficiency.  Ideal if your swim times have plateaued or you are new to front crawl swimming.

Remember. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Dec – Developing good technique and swim fitness, starting to build stamina and endurance.

Jan/Feb/Mar – Reinforcing good technique, building our stamina and endurance was well as race simulation.

April/May/June – Reinforcing good technique, building our stamina and endurance as well as developing our Open Water Skills and race simulation.

If you don’t know your CSS time you can work it out by doing your own time test or come along to one of our CSS timed sessions and check your progress. CSS Info click here

What will I need?

To aid Covid-19 compliance, we have reduced the amount of kit you need to bring to:

  • Pull Buoy
  • Drinks Bottle


Pleae arrive at the venue "swim-ready" and use hand sanitiser in reception before making your way to the spectator area where you will be welcomed by the coaches, allocated a lane and briefed on the session. The sessions are designed to reduce the impact of not being allowed to overtake mid-lane but it can still get frustrating at times for everyone. After the session, we have to towel-dry poolside, pull on some dry clothes over our swimwear and exit the pool directly. There are no changing facilities available at present, and no nudity is allowed poolside.

Booking is essential and is via out website. A link to this week's session is available on the home page, or by looking at the calendar here.


What will I need?

You will need the following items to take part in our open water session:

  • Wetsuit (roughly until July)
  • Goggles
  • Swim hat – as brightly coloured as possible.
  • Towel
  • Chillswim – the club does have some you can borrow
  • The correct fee

You must also sign the clubs disclaimer. Without this you will not be able to swim. You can find the disclaimer here

I’ve heard open water swimming is dangerous

Open Water Swimming can be dangerous if done badly, but don’t let that put you off. Most people love the freedom of swimming outdoors, but equally some prefer the pool and you won't really know how you feel about it until you give it a go.

We have qualified coaches, trained first aiders, safety tow floats and kayaks to keep all our swimmers safe. All swimmers are registered in to and out of the water, and land-based spotters are able to monitor swimmers throughout the session but if you get in to trouble, or just need a rest just use your chill swim.

We also swim shorter circuits to ensure we leave nobody behind!

The club is also fully insured.

I’m new to open water swimming – can I swim?

You will need to prove to us that you are a capable swimmer and have a certain level of fitness. Our short course design should ensure that we can keep a variety of swimmers interested.

Triathlon has swims ranging from 250m to several miles and we cater for all those.

Our variable course will allow you to practice turns, be close to other swimmers and never be far from help if needed.

If you can swim 750m in a pool we are sure you can swim with us.

I’m not a member – can I swim?


You will need to complete an introduction swim so we are satisfied you are able to swim with us. Other than that, you will pay slightly more than members, but you are free to swim.

We aren’t here to make money, we are here to improve the quality of open water swimming in West Norfolk.